Carmarthen Town Council is leading plans for a signature event for Carmarthen which will attract locals and visitors to the town, year after year. The daffodil festival will see thousands of daffodils planted across the town and surrounding area. There will also be an event in the Spring while the flowers are in bloom to attract individuals and families to the town. The planting will be done in additional locations each year to make more of an impact and increase the interest in the festival.

Amongst the partners working on this project with the town council are Carmarthen BID, Menter Gorllewin Sir Gâr, St Peter’s Church and Christ Church, Carmarthen Together, National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthen Round Table and Carmarthenshire County Council. There will be an opportunity for everyone to get involved and members of the public are invited to attend the garden of Christ Church in the autumn (dates will be announced soon) and bring something to plant. Containers on a Welsh and / or Carmarthen theme will be particularly welcome but please don’t purchase anything as we want to reuse old items to make this event as sustainable as possible.

Schools will also be getting in on the action as part of the new ‘Tyfu’ project which will see daffodil bulbs provided for all pupils to plant.

The main event will be held during the month on the 23rd of March 2024, which will coincide with the blooming of the flowers. Please keep an eye on Carmarthen Town Council’s social media accounts and updates in the press to find out more.

Carmarthen Town Council can be contacted by calling 01267 235199 or by email at jafox@carmarthentowncouncil.gov.uk Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Let’s make Carmarthen blooming marvellous next spring!


Emma Smith

Town Clerk

Carmarthen Town Council

22 September 2023