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River Towy


Every town is unique, but Carmarthen is especially so, because of its blend of geographical location, long and varied history, culture, and role as county town. The town’s location, at the tidal limits and lowest bridging point of the River Tywi, made it the natural route centre for west Wales.

The river, once the town’s main artery, still supports the ancient craft of coracle fishing, which can be seen during summer months. Walk its bustling winding streets and you are literally following paths laid down perhaps twenty centuries ago. For Carmarthen was founded as a regional capital by the Romans.

A thousand years later, the conquering Normans once again recognised the importance of its strategic location. Here, English kings made their regional capital and administered it from within Carmarthen Castle. At Carmarthen Priory, one of the town’s two great monastic houses, the celebrated “Black Book of Carmarthen” was written - the oldest surviving manuscript in the Welsh language. The townspeople reflect this diverse mix, for it is the people who make the town what it is today with its relaxed intermixing of the Welsh and English languages. Carmarthen looks back with pride on its history, but it also looks forward, because it is very much a vibrant county town and modern shopping centre.

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Tour 1 - Park & Towy
Tour 2 - Merlin's Trail
Tour 3 - Cwmoernant Ponds
Tour 4 - Drover Trail
Tour 5 - Ystrad Woods
Tour 6 - Llanllwch Trail
Tour 7 - Abergwili Trail
Tour 8 - Carmarthen East
Tour 9 - Carmarthen West
Tour 10 - Wetlands 1
Tour 11 - Wetlands 2
Tour 12 - Old Oak
Tour 13 - Llangynnwr Trail

This walk takes in Carmarthen Park, the River Towy, Blue Street and Lammas Street and provides a short and very enjoyable walk around Carmarthen.  Start at Carmarthen Park with the Tea Shop, velodrome, seating areas, play areas and toilets.  Make your way through the park and towards the River Towy.  Amble along the river path whilst watching the swans, fish and wildlife along the river banks.  As you cross back into Blue Street you will see Merlin’s Walk and many independent shops and traders.  As you round the corner into Dark Gate there are some interpretation panels about the history of the town, and look up to see the large Coffee Pot above the Nationwide Building Society.  Lammas Street filled with it’s traditional public houses, gorgeous shops and cafes can be seen as you walk this wide street. There are many religious buildings here also including ‘Capel Heol Awst’ with its abundance of history in the town.  Return to Carmarthen Park for a cup of tea or treat!

Start: Carmarthen Park
Distance: 0.95km

Merlin’s Trail follows peaceful paths around Carmarthen and to Abergwili.  As you follow the path out of Carmarthen Park and along the River Towy see how much wildlife you can spot.  Leaving Carmarthen join Abergwili Road and cross the River Gwili bridge.  Abergwili has much to offer with it’s heritage and diverse history in the old Bishop’s Palace.  Admire Carmarthen’s Museum with local history brought to life, from the Romans to the iconic Black Book of Carmarthen.  Leading out of Abergwili you will see the Carmarthen Quins RFC training ground, and the rural community life.  Across the fields you reach Dolgwili Road which quickly takes you to the back of Glangwili Hospital.  Walk the outer perimeter of the hospital and cross Abergwili Road to reach the path that takes you to Tanerdy.  Head along past the Old Tin Works, the Old Priory and Hinds Park until you reach a narrow lane.  Follow the lane to Priory Street, and Carmarthen Football Club.  Pass the Old Boys Grammar School, walk up Little Water Street until you reach King Street.  St Peter’s Church stands proudly at the top of King Street, pay a visit to the church and see the wonderful history displays.  The Lyric Theatre further along King Street as regular shows and acts throughout the year.  Carmarthen Castle with it’s heritage and tales from the past is well worth a visit.  Return via Dark Gate and Lammas Street, passing the Boars Head Hotel and Lammas Street Chapel.

Start: Carmarthen Park
Distance: 6.61km



Cwmoernant Ponds, the River Towy, and Carmarthen Coracles await you on this walk.  Start at Carmarthen Park with its play areas, Tea Shop, velodrome, seating areas and toilets.  Follow the Plotaroute map and leave Carmarthen Park.  Pass the interpretation panels near the Quay Centre and learn about Carmarthen’s past.  As the River Towy meanders upstream follow the route of the bustling port, where ships once docked.  Leave the bustle of the town behind as you walk the boundary streets of the town and head into the more rural areas.  As you walk up to Abergwili Road see the beautiful trees and wildlife frame the path and entice you onwards.  At Cwmoernant Ponds the soothing water is calming and there are areas to sit and relax.  Ducks, wildlife, Fairy Paths and waterlilies are all around the two ponds, and there plenty of opportunities to explore nature.  As you follow the track to the top of the lane you can admire the tranquil views and slowly return into Carmarthen.

Start: Carmarthen Park
Distance: 4.46km


Carmarthen’s Drover Trail takes a stroll around the north west end of Carmarthen where you will see trails that the drovers used many years ago to reach Carmarthen Market.  Leave Carmarthen Park in the direction of the Bandstand and gate in the top corner.  Safely cross the road using the pedestrian crossing and head for Picton Court.  You will notice St David’s Church which closed in 2003 after storm damage.  St Non’s Avenue leads you away from the town, and follow the path at the top to Crispin Avenue.  The path then follows the boundary of Model Church in Wales School, leading down Picton Place and onto the perimeter of Penllwyn Park.  Ash Grove takes you to Job’s Well Road which then climbs up to the University of Wales Trinity St David, where in 1847 the foundation stone was laid to build the college by the Bishop of St David’s.  Head down past Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, Canolfan S4C Yr Egin, and Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol until you reach the roundabout and turn left into the housing estate.  Follow the map through the estates until you reach Parcmaen Street.  Head back to Carmarthen Park to complete your journey.

Start: Carmarthen Park
Distance: 2.68km


Discover Ystrad Woods and their secret past on this beautiful trail. Leave Carmarthen Park and head down the River Towy and along the riverside path. Keep an eye out for all the wildlife and river activity as you journey on to Johnstown. At the Leisure Centre head back towards Carmarthen to the Spar Shop. At the Spar Shop. Follow the road opposite the Spar Shop called Lôn y Plas and turn at Coed y Plas to head straight up for the woods which is managed by the Woodland Trust. At the top of Coed y Plas you will see the path to the woods. As you start to climb through the woods the wildlife is literally all around you. Birds, squirrels and lots of minibeasts fill the woods. As you start to descend you will see Alltycnap Road ahead of you. Join the road and follow it to the end where you will meet Llanstephan Road again. Journey over the dual carriageway and along past the ‘Friends Arms’ until you reach the Carmarthen Wetlands and on to Carmarthen Park.

Start: Carmarthen Park

Distance: 4.0km




Leave Carmarthen Park and head for Monument Hill to the west of Carmarthen.  As you pass through Johnstown you will notice the Tawelan stream in the village.  Continue onwards and out of Johnstown, passing the wells and countryside.  Cross the dual carriageway bridge and you will see the village of Llanllwch ahead of you.  As Llanllwch welcomes you the countryside opens up and you will notice the birds and wildlife around you.  Passing the church in Llanllwch you will notice the footpath on the opposite side of the road.  Take the public right of way along the Tawelan stream where you can hear the birds singing in the trees.  As you take the footpath out of the trading estate you will notice all the businesses that are in Johnstown.  Follow the path until you reach Alltycnap Road where you will join Llansteffan Road leading to Johnstown Park.  At Johnstown Park turn into the Wetlands and enjoy the trails along the peaceful routes.  Return to Carmarthen Park.

Start: Carmarthen Park

Distance: 4.2km