People realise how difficult this decision would have been for the Directors to make. The company is deeply rooted and intertwined within our local communities.

It has continued to operate from Carmarthenshire employing local people, purchasing and distributing local produce far and wide whilst maintaining an ethos of a family run business. In many ways Castell Howell is our community. Resilient, innovative, proud, passionate and supportive.

There can’t be many charitable causes or fundraising groups that haven’t benefited from Brian Castell Howell’s generosity and of course the Company sponsor more than their fair share of sporting organisations and local clubs. The community’s initial emotion is one of sorrow but the second is one of what we can do to help.

Ever since the business started from a few freezers in an outbuilding all those years ago the community has supported it. There is such respect that I’ve no doubt the community will rally round in every way it can to help the company navigate to calmer waters. I can only hope that Welsh and UK Government will do likewise.