I wanted to make sure that Carmarthen residents are able to have access to any help that you may need during this challenging time.

Carmarthenshire Town Council is providing additional support to help and advise Carmarthen businesses and residents throughout the on-going Coronavirus crisis. You can connect to this new service by calling 07796 134881 or emailing  These are available between 8.30am and 6pm seven days a week.

·        The Carmarthen Town Council website also has many useful links and information about Coronavirus and local contact details, including the services available from Carmarthenshire County Council

·        It also has a unique and monitored Facebook page: which also enables people to put themselves forward as volunteers

·        If you wish to volunteer to do anything during this period in Carmarthen – again, please email Carmarthen Town Council on:

·        Please notify us of anyone you believe may require support which they may not be able to access themselves.

I’m very proud of the way the people of Carmarthen are supporting each other and their local community during this unprecedented period. Together we can do even more. Please take care of your family, friends and communities.

Cllr Gareth John, Mayor of Carmarthen

Letter from the Mayor of Carmarthen

Please email or ring us if you need any support at this time: